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The first Italian document with recommendations and guidelines on how to properly use  Artificial Intelligence in the Public Administration.
A study that aims to develop practical techniques and industrial practices for accountable Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making.
An Italian national project that aims at addressing the research questions, methodologies, models, technologies, and even ethical and legal
A project that aims at (re)opening a fruitful dialogue between the engineering sciences and the humanities
Scienza Nuova, the Italian Institute for Advanced Studies in Torino “Umberto Eco”, is a newly established research institute
Laboratory of the Italian National Inter-University Consortium for Informatics.
Distributed data management architectures for telecommunications companies.
Data and Algorithm Ethics is a Ph.D. research project started at the Nexa Center in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler
A series of wide-ranging national and international appointments aimed at proposing a broad reflection on technology and society
Full explores, imagines and designs the future of global and local urban legacy embodied in city form.
An Erasmus+ project which intends to experiment with an innovative way to effectively train unemployed people
An explanation of the upcoming European rules regarding data exchange and processing, and a comparison between those and the current America
A secure-by-design and consistent software framework to improve the resilience of Interconnected Smart Home Systems at all stack levels.
A procedure for assessing and comparing open source software for Public Administrations