Executive summary

HOMER – Harmonising Open data in the MEditerranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information is a European MED project aiming at facilitating a wider access and reuse of public sector information in Spain, Italy, France, Malta, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus and Montenegro.


Regione Piemonte coordinates the project and the Nexa Center is contributing to HOMER as sub-contractor, within the broader context of its open data policy support activities.

A project task force composed of IT and open data experts has been created to support the HOMER partners with respect to the legal, cultural and technological obstacles they may face in opening up their data.


The Nexa Center represents the core of the HOMER legal team. During the academic year 2012/2013 the first and main goal of Nexa was to organize a legal workshop, contributing to the transfer of knowledge to the partners.

On the basis of the workshop results, the Nexa Center was also expected to contribute to the project deliverable on legal issues.