Open Data Parlamento

Executive summary


Several Parliaments are currently making available datasets as open data, also using linked data standards such as RDF to enhance data re-usability. Usually, these data are quite relevant to better understand the work of elected assemblies, and to improve citizens trust. Several other reuses, including business-oriented ones, are possible as well. Besides, Parliaments themselves make an intensive use of external data, e.g., to prepare documentation to be attached to legislation, inform Members of the Parliament, and other stakeholders.


The research aims at reviewing the wealth of data generated and managed by the Italian Parliament, and compare best practices of data publications with respect to the initiatives of other European Parliaments. Besides,
it intends to gather insights on how an advanced use of open data could improve the efficiency and quality of the Parliament’s activities, highlighting the dual role of producers and users of data of the elected assemblies.


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Centro Nexa su Internet & Società; Senato della Repubblica; Camera dei deputati

Gli Open Data in ambito parlamentare Bachelor Thesis


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