Global Network Initiative

Executive summary

Global Network Initiative (GNI) champions fundamental human rights online, with a focus on privacy and freedom of expression.


GNI includes civil society and academic participants, but also investors and several major ICT companies (such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Facebook). It aims to provide them with a standard framework to deal with fundamental rights online, ensuring accountability and enabling opportunities for policy engagement and shared learning across stakeholders. In March 2013, the Nexa Center for Internet & Society joined the Global Network Initiative as the first Italian participant.


Nexa was welcomed in GNI as a critical source of interdisciplinary research, informed by expertise in technology, law, and economics, on Internet policy from a European perspective.


From 2013 onwards (including the reporting period), the Nexa Center participated in periodic calls, online exchanges, and informal initiatives of the Network.
Since 2020, Nexa stopped following the Initiative’s activities and actively contribuiting to its efforts.