Category: Public Sector Innovation

  • #socialUniversity

    A quali-quantitative analysis of the presence of Italian universities on social networks, focusing on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Assessment of Open Source Software for Public Administrations

    A procedure for assessing and comparing open source software for Public Administrations

  • MAPO

    A project for enabling MAchine ProcessAble pOrtals for Public Administrations

  • Odino

    Feasibility study in the context of Open Government Data for enabling collaborative processes to improve data quality and usability

  • WikiTrasparenza

    A Semantic tool for checking Italian Open Government Data quality in the context of the Transparency Decree (d.lgs33/2013)

  • Open Data Parlamento

    A collaborative study to analyze the role of open data (published or reused by) the Italian Parliament, with an international benchmarking

  • Share-PSI 2.0

    A European Thematic Network to reach consensus on PSI technical standards.

  • LAPSI 2.0: Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information 2.0

    Consensus building and policy support at the European level, as a follow-up of the LAPSI network

  • Open Museum and Disability

    Leveraging the potential of digital technologies and open data to allow disabled people to better enjoy the Italian cultural heritage


    Harmonising Open data in the MEditerranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information

  • Open-DAI

    Innovating in the Public Sector, using cloud computing and Service-Oriented Architectures to make data available for useful applications

  • Cloud Computing in the public sector

    Studying legal and organisational implications of cloud computing in the public sector, with a pilot study in Piedmont

  • Open Government & Digital City

    Toward an open, respectful, and smart city

  • Opening Italian Data

    Making Italian public sector information freely accessible and re-usable (using Piemonte as a pilot case)

  • #socialPA

    A quali-quantitative analysis of the activities by Municipalities, Provinces and Regions on Facebook and Twitter

  • LAPSI – The European Thematic Network about the Legal Aspects of PSI

    The first EU-funded thematic network on legal aspects of public sector information, coordinated by the Nexa Center between 2010 and 2012

  • EVPSI: Extracting Value from Public Sector Information

    A multidisciplinary research project funded by Regione Piemonte in support of Open Government Data policies