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Open-DAI is a platform that directly extracts data from legacy databases that sit behind existing public sector applications. Under the rules defined by the data holder, it generates a virtualised version of the database in the cloud, and exposes the transformed data as services (RESTful APIs), therefore providing data reusers with a ‘real time’ connection with the legacy data. In the last year of the project, partners -and the Nexa Center in particular- worked on sustainability scenarios beyond the project life as a funded initiative. In November 2014, Open-DAI has successfully gone through the final review before the European Commission.



The Nexa Center was committed to defining exploitation scenarios for Open-DAI, including a business-oriented one, as well as supporting the adoption of the Open-DAI platform by the partners, and by third parties, such as public administrations and other types of organisations. Besides, the Nexa Center took in charge the task to define an exploitation plan for the last year of the project, with the aim to maximise its impact in terms of adoption by public administrations, and reuse of datasets released via Open-DAI by developers.


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