Public Domain: Supporting the Libraries and Museum Area of the Politecnico di Torino

Executive summary



The objective of this project is to make more people (students, professors, librarians, users of public libraries) aware of the richness and further potential of the public domain. To do that, the Libraries and Museum Area of Politecnico di Torino, in collaboration with the University of Turin, the Public Libraries of the City of Turin, the actors of Fondazione Teatro Nuovo Torino, and the support of the Nexa Center, is promoting a series of live performances, revisiting the works of some of the greatest writers and artists entered this year into the Public Domain.


The 2014 activities to celebrate the Public Domain were defined starting from a public workshop/brainstorming, organized at the Central Library of the Politecnico on March 27th. Through live performances, actors of Teatro Nuovo propose some shows to students and citizens, first in library spaces of the Politecnico and the University of Turin, and then in some of the City of Turin libraries. On April 20th there was a live performance based on the works of the Italian architect, Carlo Nigra, at the “Castello del Valentino”.