Executive summary


ISPs may use a wide range of technologies that allow them not only to violate the network neutrality (i.e., the principle that all Internet packets shall be treated equally) but also to restrict the freedom of expression of Internet users. These techniques allow, e.g., the ISPs to block DNS requests (as well as IP packets), to tear down TCP connections, to tamper with the original content of IP packets. In many cases, such techniques are used to comply with the requests coming either from judges or from other independent authorities (e.g., HADOPI). In other cases, instead, the network neutrality may be violated by an ISP for commercial purposes (e.g., to inject advertisements into a web page).


1) Discuss and identify network neutrality measurement parameters able to capture the perspective of users’ freedom of expression.

2) Measure such parameters by improving existing tools (e.g., Neubot).


2014 Q2:
After being positively evaluated inside the EINS Open Call, MorFEO started in March, 2014.