Executive summary


The Italian “anti-corruption” Act (law n. 190/2012) requires all public administrations and some publicly owned companies to release open data about procurement contracts. Every public body is obliged to yearly release, on its public website, standardized XML files containing data describing all procurement contracts (e.g. bids to every tender notice, offers by companies and awarded contract details). A large amount of datasets are currently available concerning the last 5 years (2012-2016), from approximately 22.000 public bodies and public companies, including municipalities, universities, central government bodies, healthcare institutions.


The project aims at developing a framework for:
– verifying that all published procurement information is consistent with regulation;
– converting public procurement data into Linked Open Data, in order to overcome the fragmentation of existent datasets and allow easy analysis and reuse of information;
– linking contract data to other datasets, such as the national index of public administrations (SPCData currently available in RDF), DBpedia, and possibly the national business register (once it will be an open dataset);
– advanced data analysis through SPARQL queries (i.e., the total amount of contracts awarded without any tender with respect to location/city population);
– an easy human readable representation for end users, in order to increase the public awareness about public spending, improve transparency over the public procurement chain, help companies retrieve information about past tenders.