Generative AI and liability of developers, providers and users

Generative AI and liability of developers, providers and users

Executive summary

A TIM-financed project which aims to address modern challenges related to the liability of different subjects in regards to the use and development of AI systems.



  1. To Examine the legal issues related to the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence, including misuse, malfunction, and violations of intellectual property.
  2. To assess the European legislative proposals and legal activities in the United States or in other countries if deemed significant (e.g., China or UK) to determine the regulatory future of Generative Artificial Intelligence.


The research has produced a deliverable titled “Liability of Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Users in the Context of Generative Artificial Intelligence.” This document analyzes the main liability issues arising from the increasing use of this technology, with particular focus on cases most relevant to the use of generative AI by telecommunications companies. It also examines the latest legal developments, both statutory and case law, related to this issue, linking them to the long and incomplete journey over the years that has attempted to establish the liabilities of manufacturers, suppliers, and users of software in a world of increasingly dematerialized goods and services.