The laws of Connected Drones controlled by the Network

Executive summary

The laws of Connected Drones controlled by the Network is a project focuses on the legal framework for Unmanned Aircraft Systems operations and the main issues raised by drone operations in urban contexts.


The development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (‘UAS’), also known as Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (‘RPAS’), or simply drones, offers a wide range of possibilities for the benefit of society, from agriculture to security, from environmental control to journalism, from infrastructure inspections to medical assistance and humanitarian aid, as well as a fascinating variety of commercial services.
For the performance of UAS operations, as well as for data processing during the flight, the communication of geo-localization data, and the drone identification for flight control and security monitoring, UASs use mobile communication networks, including their cloud computing resources and services.
In the next years the integration of mobile networks is going to be stronger, and 5G technologies will play a crucial role. The legal framework for drone operations is evolving too, fostering the development of new safe and lawful activities.


The project’s objectives included:
(i) an analysis of the evolving European and Italian legal framework for UAS operations in urban scenarios, with attention to privacy constraints and measures.
(ii) an analysis of experimental use-cases from EU Member States.
(iii) academic publications.