University in the Digital Age

Executive summary

At February 2017, Juan Carlos De Martin, co-director of the Nexa Center, published his work on University in the digital age which he had started in 2011 during a stay at Harvard University. The book, titled: “Università futura. Tra democrazia e bit”, was published by Codice edizioni (under a Creative Commons License).



“Università futura, Tra democrazia e bit” explores the (civic) role of Universities in the light of five global challenges for the 21st century: environmental, technological, economic, geopolitical, and democratic. Universities are entrusted with the increasingly important responsibility of creating, sharing, and fostering the use of knowledge, and thus are the recipients of tremendous investments of time, money, space, and authority.
As we progress further into a networked age, our knowledge institutions are challenged by society to become a driving force to create and disseminate knowledge, using innovative approaches derived from and for the networked world.