Fundamental Rights Online & Digital Citizenship

This page summarizes the research and policy support activities that the Center performed in the field of Internet governance and fundamental rights online. In particular, the Center played an important role in the 2012 edition of the Internet Governance Forum Italia, which took place in Turin. Moreover, the Center continued supporting projects and initiatives focused on Internet & Democracy.

Content moderation between freedom of thought and policies against disinformation and hate speech online
Bringing an Internet & Democracy perspective within the “Biennial of Democracy”
Studying the impact of the Internet of Things on our society
Exploring new models to empower citizens and users by granting them control on their 'digital footprint'
Which are the prominent legal issues related to service robotics? How could service robots im­pact on society, including fundamental rights?
Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT
Making possible and monitoring the impact of anonymous wireless access to the Internet
The fifth edition of the Italian Internet Governance Forum has been held in Torino, co-organized by the Nexa Center
Contributing the Italian bit to the overall picture of Internet and the role of transparency and accountability online
An analysis of the impact of the EU Proposal on online behavior and on business strategies.
A review of the existing literature and an empirical research on teenagers' behavior online, focused on the related legal implications