The first public release of the network neutrality bot is available online



Turin, November 9, 2010

Neubot Project

To choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP), users can rely on advertising only. And advertising almost always indicates just the price and the maximum theoretical browsing speed. In most cases, ISPs websites do not provide any information regarding the quality of service.

Once they become customers, in most cases users are not updated on the status of the service. Almost always, they don’t receive periodic statistics regarding the service quality or information regarding possible traffic management practices (e.g. peer-to-peer throttled or blocked in the evening).

It’s time to shed light

Waiting for ISPs to become, in general, more transparent – spontaneously or due to regulatory intervention – it’s time to start to shed some light.

In particular, users can immediately start to measure the quality of their connection, performing bottom-up access-speed measurements. And, soon, they will be able to run collaborative distributed tests to detect the throttling and blocking of certain applications, such as peer-to-peer.

What is Neubot?

What’s in this first release? And in the next ones?

Is Neubot the only project that focuses on network neutrality?

Who should install Neubot?

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