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Antonio Santangelo Antonio Vetrò Selina Fenoglietto Giacomo Conti
Anita Botta Giovanni Garifo Antonio Casto Beatrice Balzola

staff research fellow

Antonio Santangelo is a semiotician. He teaches Semiotics and philosophy of language, Textual Semiotics and New Media Languages at the eCampus University, and Semiotics of television programmes at the University of Turin. more >

staff research fellow

Antonio Vetrò

Senior Research Fellow

Antonio Vetrò was Director of Research at the Nexa Center for Internet and Society at Politecnico di Torino (Italy). Formerly, he has been research fellow in the Software and System Engineering Department at Technische Universität München (Germany) and junior scientist at Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering (MD, USA) more >

Selina Fenoglietto

Selina Fenoglietto joined the Nexa Center for Internet & Society in May 2009 as administrative assistant. She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Torino and her former experiences include the administrative management of projects funded by the European Commission, the World Bank and the Italian Foreign Office. From December 2010, she is the administrative manager of the Center.

Giacomo Conti

Giacomo Conti graduated in Law in Turin in 2018. Moved by a great passion regarding information technology since he was little, he has been working at the NEXA Center for two years. more >

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Anita Botta

Communication Manager

Anita Botta holds a Master Degree in Communication and Media Cultures in 2019 at the University of Turin. In Nexa she is in charge of communication and press office.more >

it manager

Giovanni Garifo graduated in december 2019 in Software Engineering at Politecnico di Torino with a master thesis titled "Deep Learning on Academic Knowledge Graphs", where he showed how advanced deep learning algorithms for graphs entities embedding and semantic web technologies can be used to empower a recommendation systems aimed at the academic community of the Politecnico. more >

Antonio Casto

Antonio Casto in 2018 reached the milestone of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. more >

Beatrice Balzola

Beatrice Balzola holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Turin. She graduated in 2021 with a thesis, supervised by Prof. Ugo Pagallo, with the title “The legal regulation of social media and political activities online: problems and perspectives”. more >

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