Lunch 114
Per il ciclo di incontri “i Nexa Lunch Seminar” (ogni 4° mercoledì del mese)

114° Nexa Lunch Seminar – Personal Data Production: where AI labour & GDPR regulation intersect

THOMAS lE bonniec

(Institut Polytechnique de Paris)

Centro Nexa su Internet & Società
Politecnico di Torino, via Boggio 65/a, Torino (1° piano)

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With the development of AI systems, that require immense amounts of data, personal data regulation is of strategic importance: considered as a legal matter as much as an economical field, different stakeholders are engaging actively in sometimes conflicting interpretations of what the law says, or what it should say.

This presentation will give a brief oversight of a different definition of regulation, understood not as what the law says, but as the resulting effective pact between all stakeholders that interpret the law and apply it a certain way. In this perspective, the actors that are central to the personal data regulation, and thus AI production in the EU, are Data Protection Authorities. There are 27 national authorities, and two european agencies that centralize them. The difficult process of agreeing on the application of the GDPR is prolonged into the sphere of AI production: how do they acknowledge the perspective of personal data protection in AI production?


Thomas Le Bonnniec

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