The ethics of Internet of Things – What kind of future do we want to live in?

The ethics of Internet of Things – What kind of future do we want to live in?

Virt-Eu Launch Event
Thursday, 12th January 2017
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7 DK-2300. Auditorium 2

The Internet of Things promises an exciting era of innovation but also raises significant privacy and security concerns. With the proliferation of technologies and devices, who is responsible for making sure that our data are treated ethically? These concerns are the focus of the new EU-funded project VIRT-EU, which kicks off in January 2017.
The researchers will work together with European technology designers and developers to understand how IoT innovators think about ethics and to develop tools that will help make ethical considerations an integrated part of the design process for IoT technologies.
The main goal of VIRT-EU is to affect the everyday work of developers, leading to IoT products that are in better alignment with the ethical and social values of EU citizens. Read more here.
As part of the project kick-off, experts from the VIRT-EU consortium will give open talks on the legal, ethical and design perspectives of the Internet of Things.


  • Introduction to the VIRT-EU project. Irina Shklovski, Rachel Douglas-Jones and Luca Rossi (IT University of Copenhagen).
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation and IoT. Legal issues of the risk-based approach. Alessandro Mantelero (Politecnico di Torino).
  • Virtue ethics and technology. Alison Powell (London School of Economics).
  • Little big details: Getting under the hood with design and privacy. Annelie Berner (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design).

    The event is open to the public – all are welcome and registration is not required.