Technology, Humans, and Discontent with Law: The Quest for Better Governance

A Public Lecture by Professor Roger Brownsword (King’s College London and Bournemouth University)

Room E3 – Campus Luigi Einaudi
Lungo Dora Siena 100, Torino

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This lecture introduces the main themes of Roger Brownsword’s upcoming book on discontent with law’s governance.

The first theme concerns the nature and range of our discontent, the roots of that discontent—namely, in the use of rules by humans in pluralistic communities—and the reasonableness of our discontent.

The second theme places the discussion in a context where the level of technological development is no longer low and where the pace of change is no longer slow. In an increasingly dynamic context, do emerging technologies further challenge law and increase our discontent with its imperfect governance or do they present an opportunity to develop better governance and, at the same time, ease our discontent?

The third theme is not so much about discontent as doubt: even if we can see the benefits of a more technological form of governance, we remain attached to the idea of law as a human enterprise. How should we understand our ambivalence about handing over governance to smart technologies? Is it reasonable? Is it rational?

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