Sistemi informativi aziendali

A Politecnico di Torino course aimed at giving conceptual tools and methods for designing, understanding, and controlling the development processes of information systems in the context of goods and services production. 

The course aims at giving the conceptual tools and methods for understanding the analysis, design, control and development processes of information systems, in the context of enterprises producing goods and services as well as other organizations (e.g. PA), including the user interaction aspects and some practical design experience. The course will analyze the impact of technology over enterprise processes, their respective representation and modeling methods, throughout the whole life cycle of information systems, from analysis and requirements formalization, to IT architectures.

The course will provide both technological and methodological information, and will include practical laboratory experiences related to analysis and design of information systems.

The objectives are designed to equip students with an understanding on information systems, including their operational principles and technologies. Students will gain insights into various analytical methods. The course also covers methodologies for analyzing and representing specifications.

Students learn to apply their knowledge practically, with a detailed exploration of different types of corporate information systems such as CMS/DMS, CRM, and ERP, particularly emphasizing open-source solutions. They also develop skills in analyzing and designing organizational processes and flows, and the related definition of requirements and characteristics of information systems capable of supporting them.