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A multidisciplinary research project funded by Regione Piemonte in support of Open Government Data policies
A tool designed for classifying and enriching textual documents using Linked Open Data
Coordination Action encouraging the development of matching policies on Open Access (OA) and Open Data in the European Union
Supporting the initiatives of the Libraries and Museum Area of the Politecnico di Torino to increase awareness on the Public Domain
Bringing the Free Culture and Open Data perspectives in the cultural heritage domain
A multidisciplinary research project addressing the impact of network discrimination on freedom of expression online
Which are the prominent legal issues related to service robotics? How could service robots im­pact on society, including fundamental rights?
Exploring new models to empower citizens and users by granting them control on their 'digital footprint'
The first EU-funded thematic network on legal aspects of public sector information, coordinated by the Nexa Center between 2010 and 2012
Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT
Making Italian public sector information freely accessible and re-usable (using Piemonte as a pilot case)
Studying legal and organisational implications of cloud computing in the public sector, with a pilot study in Piedmont
An Internet bot software designed to gather network performance data useful to quantify Internet protocol discrimination
Making possible and monitoring the impact of anonymous wireless access to the Internet
A project for enabling MAchine ProcessAble pOrtals for Public Administrations