Stefano Quintarelli


Main affiliation: Imprenditore e blogger (Italy)

Member of the Nexa Board of Trustees

Stefano Quintarelli is a serial entrepreneur (and prolific blogger), who pioneered the commercial development of the Internet in Italy. In 2013 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament as an independent candidate in the list “Scelta Civica”. He graduated in IT science at the University of Milan. In 1989 he founded MI.NE.R.S. (Milano Network Researchers and Students), the student telecom association that developed the first e-mail independent system in Italy. In 1994, he was one of the founder of I.NET, the first commercial ISP in Italy. He was one of the founding members of: CLUSIT, Italian association for IT security; AIPSI, Italian association of professionals of IT security (Italian division of He has been a supporter of civic IT backing the first civic networks in Italy (e.g. RCM the civic network of Milan and ONDE - Online Desenzano). He is a supporter of network neutrality and knowledge sharing and he sustained since the beginning the activities of "Condividi la Conoscenza", the conferences organized by sen. Fiorello Cortiana and in 2005 he introduced in Italy the network neutrality topic in a congress with Lawrence Lessig and in other occasions. He is author of many books and papers on the Internet, published on the most important Italian newspapers.He chaired the Italian ISP association (AIIP) till January 2007. He has been awarded by "Corriere della Sera-Economia" as one of the 30 most innovative Italian entrepreneurs.