Monica A. Senor



Monica A. Senor is partner of Studio Legale Catalano Penalisti Associati law firm since 2001. She is a criminal lawyer, specialising in legal issues concerning privacy, data protection and ICT law; from a criminal procedure point of view, she has expertise in digital and biometric forensics.
She's member of the IT Commission of the Turin Bar Association, member of the scientific Committee of the CSIG (Centro Studi Informatica Giuridica) and member of the CSPT (Centro Studi per il Processo Telematico)..

She's scientific coordinator and teacher in a training course for lawyers’ state licensing exam.

She contributes to online law reviews as, and and she wrote for the publishing houses Egea, Giappichelli, Springer, UTET Giuridica and Aracne.