Marco Ricolfi

Marco Ricolfi - Co-Founder and Co-Director

Co-Founder and Co-Director

Prof. Ricolfi, was born on 19.7.1952, received his degree at the Faculty of Law of the University of Turin on 1974. Master of Laws, Yale Law School, 1975-1976. He currently is professor of Intellectual Property Law at Turin Law School, where he also teaches Business Law. He is Director of the LL M in Intellectual Property, organized by Turin Law School together with WIPO and ILO. In 2007 Prof. Ricolfi was a member of the "High-Level Expert Group on the European Digital Libraries" created by the European Commission. Since 2003 he is the scientific coordinator of the Italian Legal Working Group of Creative Commons. Among his most important works are Trattato dei marchi. Diritto europeo e nazionale (G. Giappichelli Editore, 2015), Diritto industriale - Proprietà intellettuale e concorrenza (G. Giappichelli Editore, 2012), I segni distintivi. Diritto interno e comunitario, (G. Giappichelli Editore, 1999), Il contratto di merchandising nel diritto dei segni distintivi, (Giuffrè Editore, 1991), La coassicurazione (Giuffrè Editore, 1997).