Giuseppe Futia

Giuseppe Futia

PhD Candidate

I am currently Research Fellow and Linked Data Specialist at the Nexa Center for Internet & Society, Politecnico di Torino (DAUIN). I am the project manager and co-developer of Public Contracts, a tool that exploits Linked Data to enrich, query, and visualize data about Italian public procurements. In 2015, Public Contracts has been developed in collaboration with SpazioDati and Cerved.

Moreover, I am the Nexa project manager and the main developer of TellMeFirst, an open-source tool co-developed by the Nexa Center and the Joint Open Lab of Telecom Italia, designed for classifying and enhancing documents with Natural Language Processing and Linked Data technologies.

In my research experience, I took part in several ICT projects, dealing with different technical tasks, including VMs configuration in cloud computing platforms (Puppet) and development of interactive data visualizations (D3.js), also in the Big Data field (e.g, daily network measurements).

In Nexa Center, I am also in charge of communication and press office. More specifically, my main responsibilities consist in keeping contact with media and following the Nexa Center's image. My interdisciplinary skills are useful to sustain outreach activities of Nexa research projects and to support research in the field of Open Data technologies.