Deborah De Angelis



Deborah De Angelis has a degree in Law from Luiss University in Rome. She is a lawyer admitted to practice law in Italy in front of the High Supreme Court, a legal expert in copyright law, entertainment law and new technologies. In 2001 she founded the DDA Law Firm in Rome (
In January 2019 she received the assignment of legal advisor role for copyright law to the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage until the Minister stayed in charge. In December 2018, after the creation of the Italian Chapter of the new Creative Commons Global Network, she was elected Representative for the Creative Commons Global Network Council and Chapter Lead (
In May 2016 she obtained the certificate of completion for the "CopyrightX - Harvard Course on International Copyright Law". In November 2015 she received the recognition of the title of legal expert in the field of copyright law and entertainment law from the Bar Association of Rome. In 2013 she was the correspondent for Italy of the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam (Ivir) and of the European Economics for the study EU MARKT/2013/080/D on remuneration for authors and artists and for the study EU MARKT/ 2014/088/D on remuneration for the authors of scientific books and journals and visual arts for the use of their products. She carries out teaching and training activities and she has organized numerous conferences and events on the field of copyright and entertainment law. Until 2010 she has been scientific coordinator and lecturer of the Altalex Master Degree in Entertainment Law. Until 2017 she has been the scientific coordinator and lecturer of the Lexenia Advanced Courses on music law, procedural law of copyright and digital copyright law. She also has taught at Luiss University and La Sapienza University and at IED. Since 2008 she is a fellow of the Nexa Center for Internet & Society. Since 2008 she is the President of the A-DJ, representative association of the professional figure of the DJ, signatory of the convention on the online SIAE DJ license. Since 2004 she has been a member of the Creative Commons Italian legal studying group held by Nexa, representing which she coordinated the CC-it /SIAE a joint legal working group on the applicability of the CC NC license at the copyright collective management system of SIAE. In 2002 and 2003 she attended the International Copyright Summer Course at the Institute of Information Law (Ivir).
She is the author of several publications, including “The individual and collective management of copyright in the light of the adoption of the Barnier Directive”, in Ciberspazio e diritto, vol. 20, No 62 (1-2- 2019), pp. 29-42; The implementation process of the Copyright Directive: the national objectives (report to the conference "The Copyright Directive. The challenges of the DSM Directive adoption in Italy” and “Evidence of the existence of the work, authorship and chain of rights”, report to the conference organized by ALAI Italian group, both currently being published.