The Neubot project has been included in M-Lab platform



Torino, 11 gennaio 2012

Neubot project data

Future Neubot developments

“Future Neubot developments”, Simone Basso says, “include a modified client release, which will use the same privacy policy of M-Lab. Now, indeed, only those users who have provided the permission to publish their IP address can use M-Lab. All others use just Neubot’s central server, because their settings are not compatible with the platform’s policy. Clearly, it is our interest that all users always use M-Lab, given the tremendous advantages, so we are going to harmonize the privacy policy of Neubot with M-Lab’s one. In the next Neubot releases we’re going to improve the robustness of the algorithm for measuring 100 Mbit/s connections; to write code to evaluate the impact of user activity on the measurements; to automate the collection, publication and analysis of results; to develop a test that emulates Skype.”