94° Mercoledì di Nexa - An Integrated Domain: visions of a Connected Future

Per il ciclo di incontri “i Mercoledì di Nexa” (ogni 2° mercoledì del mese)
94° Mercoledì di Nexa

An Integrated Domain:

visions of a Connected Future

Jim Groom (Reclaim Hosting)

Mercoledì 8 febbraio 2017 ore 18 in punto
(termine: ore 20)

Centro Nexa su Internet e Società
Politecnico di Torino, Via Boggio 65/a, Torino (1° piano)
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Jim GroomVisions of the future are often framed by the technologies that shape them. This is readily apparent in popular culture’s treatment of the future over the past 50 years. Several recurring themes of these fictional projections have become contemporary concerns in 2017: the specter of artificial intelligence, the rise of robots, virtual worlds, and the existential question of self in an increasingly distributed and fragmented reality. All of which points to an increasingly technological mediation of both reality and identity, raising the larger question of how we are managing these changes culturally.

Are we teaching people to interrogate the way news is presented on social media? Are we teaching students to understand the basic infrastructure of the internet? Are we beginning to examine the ever-changing fault lines of the reality that is framed for us on the web? This talk will examine one small project called Domain of One’s Own happening at various universities and colleges in North America, Great Britain, and Australia that empowers faculty, students, and staff to both manage and control their online digital presence through an integrated online domain. An initiative that frames education as fundamental to preparing an entire generation for the shifting notions of identity and reality that will everywhere shape our connected future.


Jim Groom is the co-founder of Reclaim Hosting, an independent web hosting company focused on the higher education community. Previously he was the Executive Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies and adjunct professor at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

He has been part of a number of exciting projects at the University of Mary Washington. In 2006 he started the web-based educational publishing platform ELS Blogs for the English Linguistics and Speech department at UMW. This pilot project led to the development of UMW Blogs in 2007 which has since become an enterprise level academic publishing platform. In 2008 the madness that was EDUPUNK was attributed to a series of posts he wrote on his personal blog.

In 2010 he re-imagined the Computer Science 106 course on Digital Storytelling at UMW as an open, online community referred to as ds106—an experiment in teaching and learning on the web that is still going strong and has been celebrated internationally as a compelling community-based approach to online learning. Additionally, he also helped spearhead an initiative at the University of Mary Washington called A Domain of One’s Own that, starting in Fall 2013, provided all incoming Freshman their own domain and web hosting account.

In 2015 he left Mary Washington to work full-time for Reclaim Hosting, a company he co-founded that helps individuals, groups, and institutions reclaim the web from the corporate silos.

Finally, he writes regularly about his work in educational technology–in addition to several other interests such as film, literature, and media of all kinds–on his home away from home: bavatuesdays.com.

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94° Mercoledì di Nexa - An Integrated Domain: visions of a Connected Future 94° Mercoledì di Nexa - An Integrated Domain: visions of a Connected Future 94° Mercoledì di Nexa - An Integrated Domain: visions of a Connected Future 94° Mercoledì di Nexa - An Integrated Domain: visions of a Connected FutureG_7487

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Mercoledì 8 marzo 2017, ore 18
Tema: Codice di Amministrazione Digitale
Ospite: Fernanda Faini (Università degli Studi di Bologna)

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017, ore 13
Tema: Nexa Lunch Seminar - WikiToLearn, una piattaforma per la scrittura collaborativa
Ospite: Riccardo Iaconelli (Università degli Studi di Milano)

Che cosa sono il Centro Nexa e i cicli di incontri “Mercoledì di Nexa” e “Nexa Lunch Seminar”:

Il Centro Nexa su Internet & Società del Politecnico di Torino (Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica) è un centro di ricerca indipendente e interdisciplinare che studia Internet e il suo effetto sulla società. Maggiori informazioni all'indirizzo: http://nexa.polito.it/about.

Durante i “Mercoledì di Nexa”, che si tengono ogni 2° mercoledì del mese alle ore 18 in punto, il Centro Nexa su Internet e Società apre le sue porte non solo agli esperti e a tutti coloro i quali lavorano con Internet, ma anche a semplici appassionati e cittadini. Il ciclo di incontri intende approfondire, con un linguaggio preciso ma divulgativo, i temi legati alla Rete: motori di ricerca, Creative Commons, social networks, open source/software libero, neutralità della rete, libertà di espressione, privacy, file sharing, big e open data, smart cities e molto altro.

Al centro di quasi tutti gli incontri un ospite pronto a dialogare con i direttori del Centro Nexa, il Prof. Juan Carlos De Martin del Politecnico di Torino e il Prof. Marco Ricolfi dell'Università di Torino, nonché lo staff e i Fellows del Centro Nexa.

Maggiori informazioni sui Mercoledì di Nexa, incluso un elenco di tutti i “Mercoledì” passati, sono disponibili all'indirizzo: http://nexa.polito.it/mercoledi.

Si segnala inoltre che dal maggio 2012 ogni 4° mercoledì del mese dalle ore 13 alle ore 14 il Centro Nexa organizza anche i "Nexa Lunch Seminar". Una lista di tutti i “Lunch Seminar” passati è disponibile all'indirizzo: http://nexa.polito.it/lunch-seminars.

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