Per il ciclo di incontri “i Nexa Lunch Seminar” (ogni 4° mercoledì del mese)

70° Nexa Lunch Seminar – Understanding Airbnb in Southern European cities

Chiara Iacovone

(Future Urban Legacy Lab)

Centro Nexa su Internet & Società
Politecnico di Torino, via Boggio 65/a, Torino (1° piano)

Ingresso libero

Short-term rental platforms are strongly present in the current debate over socio-spatial dynamics of contemporary cities as commodifying actors of public and private spaces. Airbnb, as the most ubiquitous and pervasive of these platforms, is being scrutinized by the press and by academics. The purpose of this project is to question the economic structure of Airbnb and to unveil hidden phenomena as dynamics in the ongoing polarization of society, and therefore interpreting Airbnb as an indicator of social discomfort and precariousness rather than of innovation.
Assuming this statement, the discourse regarding platform urbanism could be implemented and considered an additional tool to investigate inequalities in cities, giving relevance to place-based information and what it can possibly imply in a human geographical perspective.


Chiara IACOVONE is a PhD candidate in Urban and Regional Development at Polytechnic of Turin and member of the interdepartmental center Future Urban Legacy Lab. Her research project focuses on the analysis of financialization of housing market through sharing economies in Southern European cities.

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