Jesse Kim


Legal aspects of linked open/closed data

Visiting Researcher

Fronde (New Zeland)

Visiting period: January – March, 2012

Jesse Kim is a consultant and software engineer in the fields of enterprise content management, business information systems, and Web application development. Specialising in Microsoft SharePoint and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, Jesse’s experience spans across information architecture, solution design, governance, technology transfer, end-user engagement, and tacit-to-explicit conversion of knowledge embedded in development artefacts.

Jesse also has a keen interest in issues arising from areas that are closely related to the intellectual property aspects of software development such as information management policy and regulatory compliance, data sovereignty, privacy, and protection of intellectual assets. He is a technical writer, a blogger, a researcher, and a digital photography enthusiast.

After obtaining the WIPO LLM in Intellectual Property Law (organized by the University of Turin and directed by Marco Ricolfi), during his visiting period at the Nexa Center Jesse researched on the legale aspects of linked closed data in co-existence with linked open data.