Informatics is creativity

The course aims to stimulate and strengthen the problem-solving skills that are the basis of all engineering disciplines. Specifically, computer engineering is presented as a synthesis of analytical and creative thinking and creative thinking (problem solving), which dialogues with the possibilities offered by computer technologies. The program (2o hours) foresees a general introduction to problem solving and three training modules (data science, design, and gaming) in which a brief theoretical introduction is accompanied by exercises and laboratory activities carried out using simplified development tools. The course is open to all students (max 60 participants) and specific experience in the field of programming / coding is not required. The course includes a competition of ideas, in which students will be encouraged to propose an innovative idea in an application context of their choice, among several initial proposals. Finally, during the course the important historical role of women in the IT field is illustrated to stimulate a greater awareness of the historical context and its limitations, and the potential reversibility of current gender imbalance.