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In this page you can find ways to contribute to the Nexa Center activities.
You can find our social and mailing lists to join and participate in, together with information for contacting the center, for example to propose a meeting (Lunch Seminar or Nexa Wednesday), internships and dissertations.
You can also support the Nexa Center through a donation.

Social Media & Mailing Lists

Join the Nexa ommunity and stay up-to-date on the Centre’s activities by following our social platforms and subscribing to mailing lists.

Get in touch

Contact us to suggest an event (Nexa Wednesday or Nexa Lunch Seminar), conduct an internship or propose a dissertation at the Centre.


Support the Nexa Centre by making a donation to promote the scientific research and outreach activities in which it engages, carried out with the aim of promoting awareness around the impact of the Internet on society in all its aspects.