Giulio De Petra


Giulio De Petra received his degree in Economics from University of Siena, Italy. He worked in the service organization in BNL (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro), one of the top italian banks, as expert in software design methodologies and in database administration. Later, he moved to the consulting division of IPACRI (Istituto per l’Automazione della Casse di Risparmio Italiane), where he was in charge of the research activities and projects. It has been senior consultant for the RSO Institute and it was for several years ICT advisor for the major of the city of Rome. Later, he became executive manager in AIPA (Autorità per l’Informatica nella Pubblica Amministrazione) – public local administration division. After he became director general for eGovernment at the Prime Minister’s department of Public Administration where he promoted the first national plan for eGovernment. Afterwards he became general manager in CNIPA (Centro Nazionale per l’Innovazione della Pubblica Amministrazione) leading as a director the public local administration department. Giulio De Petra then became general executive manager for Innovation before for the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and later for the Calabria Region. It has been member of the Prime Minister’s Committee for the Statistical Information Assurance and he was vice president of ASSINTER (National association of the regional public administration companies working in the ICT field). Since 2010 he has been working at Informatica Trentina, as executive manager.
Giulio De Petra founded and supported many national associations working on political and social issues of technological innovation, including “ICT for Democracy”,”Network”,”The NetCentury – for a Free Knowledge Society”.