Enrico Bertacchini

faculty associate

Dr. Enrico Bertacchini is associate professor at the Department of Economics and Statistics “S. Cognetti De Martiis”, University of Turin, where he teaches Cultural Industries & Global Markets and Governance of Economic Processes.
He graduated in Economics at the University of Turin and holds a Master in Economics from CORIPE–Collegio Carlo Alberto and a Ph.D. in Institutions, Economics and Law from the Universities of Turin and Gent.
His main interests within the “Internet & Society” field concern Internet as an infrastructure for the production of and access to information goods, in particular digitized cultural resources. He has multidisciplinary competences concerning the economics of culture and the economic analysis of intellectual property, with a focus on commons-based models for the production of and access to information goods.
His works has been published, among others, in the Journal of Cultural Economics, International Journal of Cultural Policy, International Journal of Arts Management, Review of Law and Economics, Ecological Economics and Regional Studies.