Enrollment to the CopyrightX - Turin University Affiliate Course 2019 Now Open!

Turin, January 2019

About CopyrightX

copyrightxCopyrightX is a course on Copyright Law, developed by Professor William Fisher III at Harvard Law School and first offered online in the spring semester of 2013. The course explores the current law of copyright and the ongoing debates concerning how that law should be reformed. Through a combination of pre-recorded lectures, weekly seminars, live webcasts, and online discussions, participants in the course examine and assess the ways in which law seeks to stimulate and regulate creative expression. Since 2014, CopyrightX is also being offered as an affiliated course in several other countries, including Italy.

Turin Affiliated Course

Previous editions of the Turin University course of CopyrightX gathered together a very diverse group, including students of the Law School of the University of Turin and Alessandria and former participants in the LLM program in Intellectual Property Law jointly organized by the University of Turin and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Admission to the CopyrightX - Turin University course is free and is open to anyone at least 13 years of age, but enrollment is limited to no more than 30 successful applicants.

The CopyrightX - Turin University course is being coordinated and taught by Giancarlo Frosio, Faculty Associate of the Nexa Center, Senior Researcher and Lecturer at CEIPI and Non - Residential Fellow at Stanford CIS and Maximiliano Marzetti, Deputy Director Turin LLM in IP, Adjunct Researcher CEIDIE-University of Buenos Aires. Turin CopyrightX is offered under the supervision of Professor Marco Ricolfi.

The CopyrightX - Turin University course follows the outline of the Harvard online course, with added material and particular emphasis on European law and international perspectives. The Syllabus of the CopyrightX - Turin University course is available here. The course engages extensively with US, European and international law, in the context of the theoretical background provided by Professor Fisher’s lectures. Classes are held for two hours each week online from the last week of January to the last week of April, and supplemented with online discussion and assigned reading.

Admission to the CopyrightX - Turin University course is now open and applications to the 2019 edition are accepted until 2400 UTC on January 1, 2019. If you wish to apply, please download an application here and forward it to the CopyrightX - Turin University course coordinator at max.marzetti at gmail.com.