Martín Felipe Castagnet


Science Fiction Writer


Martín Felipe Castagnet (1986) was born in La Plata, Argentina. He is the author of the novels  Los cuerpos del verano (translated into English by Frances Riddle and into Italian by Francesca Signorello) and  Los mantras modernos. In 2021 he was selected by Granta as one of the best young Spanish-language writers.

In 2012 he was awarded the Prize for Young Latinamerican Literature and was fellow at the Maison des Écrivains Étrangers et des Traducteurs de Saint-Nazaire and the Villa des projets d’auteurs de Marseille. A selection of his stories has been published by the short story project Maaboret.

In 2017 he was a fellow at the Ledig-Rowohlt-House in New York and was selected as a part of Bogotá39, a selection of the most promissing 39 latin american writers under 40. Castagnet lives in Buenos Aires.

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