Angelica Tavella


Public availability of digital reproductions of cultural heritage

Visiting Researcher

UC Berkeley (USA)

Visiting period: September – December, 2012

Angelica Tavella graduated with an interdisciplinary degree titled “The Implications of Copyright Law in a Digital Society” under the pretense of having wide-spanning interests in law, technology, human rights, and arts and culture that do not fit into one specific field of study. She is currently teaching a DeCal class at UC Berkeley titled ‘The Politics of Digital Piracy’ which encompasses many of the topics and ideas that she is interested in.

Her recent energy has been focused on implementing Open Access of scholarly publishing within the University of California system, building computers, and creating and recording as much music as possible.

During her visiting period at the Nexa Center Angelica conducted research activities to understand how does the public availability of digital reproductions of Italy’s Cultural Heritage goods reflect the State management of Cultural heritage goods, and how does this compare to the digital availability and management of American cultural heritage goods.