Alessandro Cogo

Faculty associate

Alessandro Enrico Cogo (PhD, Pavia-Munich) is associate professor of business law at the University of Turin, where he serves as scientific director of the LLM in intellectual property jointly offered by the same University and the World Intellectual Property Organization, with the support of the International Training Center of the International Labor Organization. Author of numerous scientific contributions on copyright, trademarks, and patents, he sits in the board of directors of AIDA (Annali Italiani di Diritto d’Autore, della cultura e dello spettacolo) and in the editorial committees of Giurisprudenza Italiana (business law section) and GADI (Giurisprudenza Annotata di Diritto Industriale). Member of ALAI and AIPPI, he sits in the international standing committee on copyright of the latter. Partner at CVPM Legal, he practices in the field of intellectual property law.