Transparency and accountability

  1. The existence and the nature of all funding over €1,000 will be published on the website of the Nexa Center and regularly updated [1].
  2. In a given year, and as a matter of principle, funding coming from any single for-profit entity should not exceed 15% of the budget of the Center in that year. This threshold will be reexamined at each annual meeting of the Board of Trustees, according to the general principle that, if the Center budget increases, this threshold will be proportionally reduced.
  3. The overall contribution coming from for-profit entities should in principle not exceed 1/3 of the overall budget of the Center in that year.
  4. If the aforementioned thresholds are to be exceeded, the case will be brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees which will issue a binding recommendation to be included in the Annual Report.
  5. In any case, the relationship with for-profit funders will explicitly provide that the Nexa Center accepts to undertake a certain research activity based only on the scientific method and without being constrained by any previous indication or directive from the funder (e.g., in terms of expected deliverables and research products, apart from agreeing on the definition of the field of research and organizational details).
  6. Consultancy and similar activities involving more specific directives from a third party, if undertaken, will be clearly labeled as such.
  7. Any changes to these policies will be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.