The Nexa Center for Internet & Society announces 2016-2017 community

Versione Italiana

Turin, 27 July 2016. The Nexa Center for Internet & Society at Politecnico di Torino (DAUIN) today announces the fellows who will join the Nexa community in the 2016-2017 academic year.

This year will join the Nexa Community one new Faculty Fellow, Enrico Donaggio, Professor of Philosophy of History at the Università degli Studi Torino, and two new Fellows: Davide Allavena, a master student of Physics at the Università di Pavia, e Antonio Langiu, a student of Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, collaborating with the Nexa Center on several topics including net neutrality, open data, privacy and reuse of user data in the context of the apps.

The New Fellows

Davide AllavenaEnrico Donaggio - Faculty Fellow
Enrico Donaggio teaches Philosophy of History at the Università di Torino; Figures du pouvoir and Écrire et penser at the Université Aix-Marseille. He is author of Una sobria inquietudine. Karl Löwith e la filosofia (Feltrinelli, 2004; translated in French and Spanish), Che male c’è. Indifferenza e atrocità tra Auschwitz e i nostri giorni (L’ancora del Mediterraneo, 2005), A giusta distanza. Immaginare e ricordare la Shoah (L’ancora del Mediterraneo, 2010), Direi di no. Desideri di migliori libertà (Feltrinelli, 2016). He has edited La Scuola di Francoforte. La storia e i testi (Einaudi, 2005), Karl Marx. Capitalismo, istruzioni per l’uso (Feltrinelli, 2007), C'è ben altro. Criticare il capitalismo oggi (Mimesis, 2014).

Davide AllavenaDavide Allavena - Fellow
Davide Allavena is a master student of Physics at Università di Pavia. He is completing his thesis about biologically detailed computational models of the cerebellar cortex. In April 2015 he started his work as IT Manager at Nexa Center. His main research interests focus on network measurements, network neutrality, and open data technologies. Davide regularly contributes into the software development projects of the Nexa Center.

Antonio LangiuAntonio Langiu - Fellow
Antonio Langiu is a student of computer engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. He got in touch with the Nexa Center attending the Rivoluzione Digitale course. In November 2014 he started an internship at the Nexa Center to study the permission models used by applications available via app stores. He also studied how the advertising network libraries, included in mobile applications, use (or abuse) permissions to collect user's data. Actually he is participating in the Neubot project and in the development of the MeasurementKit library.

Honoring the ethos of "networking" which is central to an Internet & Society center such as Nexa, the Nexa community is also complemented by four Faculty Associates from, the Netherlands, the U.S. and Italy, who will actively collaborate with the Nexa Center community through an array of channels.

These relationships, as well as the countless engagements with alumni, partners, students, interns, and other colleagues, are fundamental to the Nexa Center’s work and identity, and serve to increase the capacity of the field.

The Nexa Center remains proud of and grateful to the following returning community members who will retain affiliations at the Nexa Center in the coming year.

Returning as Faculty Fellows

Alessandro Cogo, Massimo Durante, Alessandro Mantelero, Ugo Pagallo, Marco Torchiano, Daniele Trinchero.

Returning as Fellows

Mauro Alovisio, Giovanni Arata, Claudio Artusio, Eleonora Bassi, Lorenzo Benussi, Enrico Bertacchini, Carlo Blengino, Nicola Bottero, Fabio Chiusi, Marco Ciurcina, Deborah De Angelis, Giulio De Petra, Arturo Filastò, Giovanni B. Gallus, Raimondo Iemma, Stefano Leucci, Alessio Melandri, Federico Morando, Elena Pavan, Monica A. Senor, Massimo Travostino, Giuseppe Vaciago.

Returning as Faculty Associates

Andrea Cairola, Giancarlo Frosio, Thomas Margoni, Giorgio Ventre.

The Nexa Community is also formed by the Nexa Board of Trustees. To further emphasize the growing role of need for a multidisciplinary study on the "Internet & Society" topic, we note with pleasure the participation as lecturers of several Trustees at the excellence course of the Doctoral School of Politecnico di Torino organized by Nexa Center for Internet & Society: Topics in Internet & Society Interdisciplinary Studies.