1st International conference on Internet Science – Internet, Interdisciplinarity & Innovation

Torino, 10 aprile 2013

About the EINS Network of Excellence

The EINS Network of Excellence in Internet Science is supported by the European Commission under its FP7 research-funding programme (ICT Theme). It aims to strengthen scientific and technological excellence by developing an integrated and interdisciplinary scientific understanding of Internet networks and their co-evolution with society, by addressing the fragmentation of European research in this area, at geographical and disciplinary levels.

Its main objective is to enable an open and productive dialogue between all disciplines exploring Internet systems from any technological or humanistic perspective, and which in turn are being transformed by continuous advances in Internet functionality.

The network brings together thirty-eight research institutions across Europe that are focusing on network engineering, computation, complexity, networking, security, mathematics, physics, sociology, game theory, economics, political sciences, humanities, and law, as well as other relevant social and life sciences. It is coordinated by Prof. Leandros Tassiulas from CERTH, Greece.

The network’s main deliverable will be a durable shaping and structuring of the way Internet research is carried out, by reaching a critical mass of expertise needed to provide European leadership in this area, providing concrete incentives for multidisciplinary collaborations, and spreading excellence beyond the partnership.