University and Democracy

January 2009 - present
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Nexa co-director Juan Carlos De Martin continues his research for a book on University and Democracy in the Internet Age.


This research originated in particular from the intuitions of prof. Charles Nesson from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, who clearly saw – several years ago – the challenges and the opportunities that the cyberspace posed to universities, also in terms of their civic role.

The first tangible result of these considerations, as elaborated at the Nexa Center, was the international conference University and Cyberspace: Reshaping Knowledge Institutions for the Networked Age (Torino, June 28-30, 2010). The conference was organized by the Nexa Center together with the Berkman Center of Harvard and also represented the last public event of the Communia European Thematic Network on the Digital Public Domain.


Last Update: 2015-02-04; Next Expected Update: 2016-02-04

This research explores the (civic) role of Universities in the Internet age. Universities are entrusted with the increasingly important responsibility of creating, sharing, and fostering the use of knowledge, and thus are the recipients of tremendous investments of time, money, space, and authority. As we progress further into a networked age, our knowledge institutions are challenged by society to become a driving force to create and disseminate knowledge, using innovative approaches derived from and for the networked world.


Last Update: 2015-02-04; Next Expected Update: 2016-02-04

Juan Carlos De Martin, co-director of the Nexa Center, continues to work on his book on University and Democracy in the Internet Age, signing a contract with a Turin-based publisher. The book is expected to be published at the end of 2015; a CC-licensed version will be available online some time after the launch.