Nexa Staff

Antonio Vetrò Selina Fenoglietto Simone Basso
Mattia Plazio Giovanni Garifo Francesco Ruggiero
Marco Conoscenti Giuseppe Futia Pasquale Pellegrino

staff research fellow

Antonio Vetrò

Phone: +39 011 090 5954

Director of Research

Antonio Vetrò is Director of Research at the Nexa Center for Internet and Society at Politecnico di Torino (Italy). Formerly, he has been research fellow in the Software and System Engineering Department at Technische Universität München (Germany) and junior scientist at Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering (MD, USA) more >

Selina Fenoglietto

Selina Fenoglietto

Phone: +39 011 090 7217

Administrative Manager

Selina Fenoglietto joined the Nexa Center for Internet & Society in May 2009 as administrative assistant. She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Torino and her former experiences include the administrative management of projects funded by the European Commission, the World Bank and the Italian Foreign Office. From December 2010, she is the administrative manager of the Center.

senior research fellow

Simone Basso

Phone: +39 011 090 7216

Senior Research Fellow

Simone (@bassosimone on Twitter and GitHub, sbs on IRC) is a researcher at Nexa Center since 2010. He completed his PhD in 2014 under supervision of prof. De Martin. His main research interest is measuring the internet from the edges with active means. more >

staff research fellow

Mattia Plazio is graduated in Italian Literature at the Faculty of Humanities of Turin. He worked in the field of e-learning as instructional designer. Since 2012 develops, coordinates and manages cultural projects funded by private and public institutions more >

it manager

Giovanni Garifo

Phone: +39 011 090 7216

IT Manager

Giovanni Garifo is graduated in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Torino and he’s currently attending the courses for the master degree in Software Engineering. He joined the Nexa Center in january 2017 as IT Manager. more >

Francesco Ruggiero

Francesco Ruggiero

Phone: +39 011 090 7219

Communication Manager

Francesco Ruggiero is the founder of the literary group sparajurij and is in the editorial board of the journal “Atti Impuri”. He is specialized in contemporary Italian literature. He is the author of literary reportages for the journal “Il Reportage” more >

Giuseppe Futia

Giuseppe Futia joined the Nexa Center for Internet & Society in February 2011. He holds a Master Degree in Cinema and Media Engineering in 2011 and from 2008 he collaborates regularly with La Stampa daily. In Nexa he is in charge of communication and press office. More specifically, Giuseppe's main responsibilities consist in keeping contact with media and following Nexa's Image. more >

phd student

Marco Conoscenti received the M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in October 2015. He joined the Nexa Center in November 2015 as PhD student under the supervision of Prof. De Martin. more >

phd student

Pasquale Pellegrino received the M.Sc. degree in Public and Political Communication from University of Turin in March 2015. During the M.Sc. he was part of the communication team of one candidate who ran for Piedmont Regional Council. more >

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