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A tool for exploring public procurement data using Linked Data
Which are the prominent legal issues related to service robotics? How could service robots im­pact on society, including fundamental rights?
Harmonizing Linked Data and Big Data technological foundations for a multidimensional knowledge graph
Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT
Making Italian public sector information freely accessible and re-usable (using Piemonte as a pilot case)
A project for enabling MAchine ProcessAble pOrtals for Public Administrations
A collaborative study to analyze the role of open data (published or reused by) the Italian Parliament, with an international benchmarking
Feasibility study in the context of Open Government Data for enabling collaborative processes to improve data quality and usability
A Semantic tool for checking Italian Open Government Data quality in the context of the Transparency Decree (d.lgs33/2013)
Re-thinking the University's role in Society in the Networked Age
Performing research and policy support in the field of Open Access to scientific information at national and European level
Consensus building and policy support at the European level, as a follow-up of the LAPSI network
A quali-quantitative analysis of the presence of Italian universities on social networks, focusing on Facebook and Twitter.
An international association to foster, strengthen, and enrich the Public Domain
Supporting the use of open licenses by providing ad-hoc information on legal issues